Add an extra step to your partner search

Online and mobile apps have been playing a major role in partner search. No wonder it's said that these days matchmaking happens online. But irrespective of similar family backgrounds, education, and employment, there is no way that one can predict the success of a marriage. Many marriages which have the perfect [...]

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Tale of Peacock’s Tail

Have you ever seen the long and beautiful tail of a peacock? And the spectacular display when it fans out colourful plumage? They say it has evolved to attract suitable matches and dating. A brightly coloured peacock is the symbol of grace, guidance and good luck. It means love, watchfulness and kindness in relationships. Peacock [...]

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Question: Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

Answer: Mind-Match Marriage Most people get married or get involved in relationships at some point of time in their life. They begin a new life with another person. But is it possible to predict the success of a marriage or a relationship? Not really. All of us have seen many marriages work very well and [...]

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