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Let’s relate also helps to connect better with your favourite celebrities, stars and leaders.


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Have you ever seen the long and beautiful tail of a peacock? And the spectacular display when it fans out colourful plumage? They say it

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Frequently asked questions

It’s a mobile app to know each-other better by mind-matching. Through Let’s Relate, you can do mind-matching with your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/spouse/partner. You can also do mind-matching with you friends and with your favourite celebrities and leaders.
You provide your answers to simple Multiple-Choice Questions in the app. Then you invite your partner/friends/stars/leaders to provide their answers too. The app will then calculate how many % of answers are matching and provide the result.
Not really. But you can always try your best to assess the compatibility. Let’s Relate mobile app offers such a tool. It can be a very useful method to know the probable partner, particularly in “Arranged Marriages” and in situations where one wants to screen many potential candidates.
It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes to answer the questions in any module. Once both persons have provided their answers, the mind-matching results can be available in less than one minute.
There are free modules that anybody can access freely

By completing the free module & sharing it with 5 people, one can get a reward of 50 coins to access other modules.

By completing & sharing the basic or advanced module with 5 people, one can also get the reward of 50 coins.

There are In-App Purchase available in the app. Please see Module Plan.

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Let’s relate also helps to connect better with your favourite celebrities, stars and leaders.