Add an extra step to your partner search

Add an extra step to your partner search

Online and mobile apps have been playing a major role in partner search. No wonder it’s said that these days matchmaking happens online. But irrespective of similar family backgrounds, education, and employment, there is no way that one can predict the success of a marriage. Many marriages which have the perfect astrological match fall apart within a short duration. 

Meanwhile, we also come across couples without matching horoscopes leading a happy and contented married life. While most families go through a set of steps before zeroing in on the match, still no one can assure that there is compatibility between the couple.

What can be the reason? If you ask astrologers, they would reply that it’s mind matching that matters more than anything. But how do you determine whether your prospective partner and you have similar traits, habits and aspirations that can make your marriage work?  

It’s here the services of software applications like Let’s Relate Better come into the picture. The app is a boon when it comes to knowing each other better. It has been adopted by scores of customers as a tool to screen marriage proposals. It offers a basic and advanced analysis of mind matching for a better relationship. 

Let’s Relate Better is an easy-to-use application and there are no cumbersome methods to do mind matching. The questions are practical and interesting multiple-choice ones. There are no right or wrong answers either. Questions are about your choices in personal life, social relations, habits, home, interests, travel, career, etc. You can skip any question or mark it “important” for you. You can provide your answers and invite others around you to give their answers. The app will then calculate how many % of answers are matching and provide the result. You can edit or even create your own questions and modules. Available for Android and iOS at: 

This helps you find out how your choices and opinions match with him or her and understand each other for better relationships.

The app is available in 14 languages: English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Arabic. There are eight modules to choose from. For screening marriage proposals & checking compatibility with partners and spouses you can access the Marriage & Partner modules. When you share or invite others to the app, you earn coins to buy modules without paying for them. The mind-matching results are given in the basic and advanced chart, allowing you to explore which answers are matching or not-matching.

No matter how you have met your partner, do the mind-matching. It is not important how many answers are matching, but it is very important to explore and understand all aspects of your and your partner’s personality, life choices and opinions.