Build trust and honesty for a happy relationship

Build trust and honesty for a happy relationship

What are the critical factors for a happy relationship? Matching horoscopes, social status, and looks did you say? Wrong. A truly happy relationship is built on a foundation of mutual trust and honesty.

How do you build trust? The first step would be to be completely honest right from the beginning and not give conflicting versions of your past and values. If there’s a past incident or trait you are ashamed of, admit it and tell your partner that you are working on it. You yourself might not be sure about your values and weaknesses at times, so it is equally important, to be honest with yourself. But with not many tools available to evaluate yourself, Let’s Relate Better offers scope for self-evaluation. You can answer objective-type questions and compare the answers and find out about yourself.

Similar is the case with your partner. If you’re in a relationship, encourage your special someone to do mind-matching. Understand whether they are honest and decide based on the outcomes. Any relationship built on lies will fall apart eventually, however much you try to hide parts of yourself. Consistency is equally important, and nothing could be more hurtful to a partner than someone who starts in a spirit of love and honesty and later starts hiding things.

At times it might be challenging to open up, be vulnerable and trust people, especially if you have been betrayed in the past. It might also be difficult for someone who has had a traumatic childhood to trust anyone, not just a partner. Hence, understanding your partner is critical for the success of your relationship. Available in 14 languages, Let’s Relate Better has in-app options where you can create customized questionnaires and send them. You can evaluate the answers and decide whether your partner is honest with you or not. While one might have gotten away with lying to their parents, it might not work with an equal partner, unlike a parent.

To move ahead in life, the key is not to assume that the other person will betray them or be overly controlling. To doubly make sure that such a situation won’t arise, do mind-matching. Accept that everyone is not the same and that you shouldn’t judge a person based on your experiences with someone else. But with Let’s Relate Better, you get an objective analysis of a person and the personality types before taking the plunge.

Having said that, a happy relationship might never progress in a straight line, it might more likely be a series of peaks, valleys, and plateaus. An issue that might seem silly and irrelevant to one might be all-important to the other and vice versa. At the end of the day, it will depend on how well and how open the partners are towards communicating their issues with each other. When an apology is called for, be sincere about it and accept your mistake, instead of blaming someone else for it.

If you’re finding it tough to communicate with your partner, Let’s Relate Better( helps you know each other better and is useful to improve relationships. The basic & advanced analysis of mind-matching results helps for better relationships.

It’s up to both partners to understand each other’s way of working and give each other the time and space accordingly. And Let’s Relate Better helps you achieve that effortlessly, in an enjoyable manner.