Tale of Peacock’s Tail

Tale of Peacock’s Tail

Have you ever seen the long and beautiful tail of a peacock? And the spectacular display when it fans out colourful plumage? They say it has evolved to attract suitable matches and dating.

A brightly coloured peacock is the symbol of grace, guidance and good luck. It means love, watchfulness and kindness in relationships. Peacock also defends itself by warning signals to predators when showing off a train of eyespots and feathers.

Show your true colours and qualities like a peacock by answering the questions in different modules in the Let’s Relate app (https://letsrelate.in/). Questions (available in 14 languages in the app) are about your choices in personal life, social relations, home, travel, career, etc.

Share it with the family, friends and potential partners. Find out how your choices and opinions match with them and understand each-other for better relationships. Enjoy the fun and excitement of sharing the results on social media, if you like.

You can now edit or even create your own questions and modules. Also, creatively design and decorate your app’s home screen with peacock feathers the way you like it. As you progress in completing different modules of the app, the feathers on the home screen become colourful and movable and you can also change the size of each feather. Here are some sample designs that you can create…

You can create an image with a spectacular tail of the peacock and get favoured in the selection by your partner. No matter how you have met your partner, do the mind-matching. It is not so important how many answers are matching, but it is very important to explore and understand all aspects of your and your partner’s personality, life choices and opinions.

Show off your vibrant life style and character with elegance and royalty like a peacock. Not just by an aesthetic design or good looks, but a true fitness for long lasting relationship.

What do you think about various things in life and what are your choices that matter to you and others around you. Make your answers available. And attract suitable matches…