• Love someone? Find out your compatibility with the partner
  • Answer these questions & know yourself better
  • Invite your partner to answer & view the result of mind-matching
  • Enjoy better relationship & share the fun on social media

Know your partner: No matter how we have met/found our life-partner, it is important to know the partner for a more fulfilling relationship. Let’s Relate provides an easy and friendly tool to assess the compatibility between two partners.

When you decide to spend the lifetime together with someone special, don’t you think it is valuable to know each other’s opinions about important matters in life? For example:

SELECT ONE: Women should dress and behave responsibly to avoid sexual assaults

  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Not sure

MULTIPLE SELECTION: During lockdown/coronavirus pandemic

  • Helped family & friends
  • Used time creatively/ productively
  • Enjoyed resting and relaxing
  • Social media/ mobile phone/ TV
  • Busy in duty/home/work
  • None of these

Explore such questions, answer them and match the results with your Partner. Only your Partner can see your answers.

Share the “Matching Result Screen” on different social media and enjoy the excitement. Enjoy the fun and frolic of comparing and matching questions-answers with your Partner.

Questions of all modules are applicable for matching with Partner.

Know yourself. Know your Partner. Enjoy a better relationship. Let’s Relate better …