Question: Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

Question: Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

Answer: Mind-Match Marriage

Most people get married or get involved in relationships at some point of time in their life. They begin a new life with another person. But is it possible to predict the success of a marriage or a relationship?

Not really. All of us have seen many marriages work very well and many don’t. Many partners get separated and many can’t, even if they want. Several types of research have been conducted with no magic bullet found.

Because human mind is very complex, and we are yet to understand it fully. It becomes more complex to understand when two minds meet. Several factors may influence it in different ways: childhood experiences, education, culture, lifestyle exposures, etc, etc.

Who will be happy with whom? Who will match with my personality? What is my personality type? With all these questions, one can easily get lost in the jungle of various types of psychological assessments with no helpful answers.

Most times, such assessments are typically based on hypothetical scenarios (what will you do if such and such thing happens). It is obviously difficult to imagine one’s own actions in any such imaginary situations, let alone actions of others. So, any analysis and conclusions based on such questions are usually not concrete or helpful.

But what if we develop an easy tool to assess mind-matching of two persons based on important practical choices and their behaviours and experiences in real life? For example:

  • What if I like certain things (music, dance, travelling, etc) and my partner doesn’t like it at all?
  • What if I have certain habits (food, sleep, etc) that are not compatible with my partner?
  • What if certain issues (feminism, alcohol prohibition, dowry, etc) are very important for me and not at all important for my partner?
  • What if I believe in God and my partner doesn’t believe at all? What if I like to go to religious places and my partner doesn’t like to go to such places?

It is obvious that if both partners have good mind-matching in many such practical things in life, it can make life much more beautiful and enjoyable experience for both partners.

Many times, it is not easy to compare or relate answers of both persons. But what if we create Multiple Choice Type of Questions and provide optional answers to be selected by both persons. What if a mind-matching is performed and both persons can see each other’s answers for comparison.

“Let’s Relate: Mind-Match Test” ( is such a mobile app: You provide your answers to Multiple Choice Questions and then invite your friends/partner to provide their answers. The app will perform the mind-matching and give you the results (what percentage of answers are matching between two persons). You can easily know who the like-minded people around you are.

This is particularly helpful in screening proposals for arranged marriages when you don’t know the potential partner well-enough. Moreover, in this time of coronavirus pandemic, socializing with friends and potential partners has become almost virtual. It is difficult to know a person well enough for a rewarding relationship. Let’s Relate can serve as an excellent and convenient screening tool for arranged marriages in many societies and cultures.

The app also has an interesting feature of mind-matching with celebrities and leaders. Provide your opinions about important public policy matters in the app and share with favourite stars and leaders for their responses. Enjoy the fun and excitement of sharing mind-matching results on social media…

The app does not claim any scientific research or studies. But it has several practical and important questions that one would like to know opinions of each-other for a more fulfilling relationship.

Also, the app does not recommend any threshold percentage of mind-matching for a successful relationship. But both persons can see each other’s answers and it helps in developing better understanding of each other’s minds and habits and behaviours. It helps in identifying any important issues or areas of concern that can be discussed for mutual harmony and better understanding.

Importantly, when you answer the questions, it also helps to know yourself better. Know like-minded people around you. Enjoy a better relationship. Let’s Relate…