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What is Let’s Relate?2021-03-05T08:47:05+00:00

It’s a mobile app to know each-other better by mind-matching. Through Let’s Relate, you can do mind-matching with your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/spouse/partner. You can also do mind-matching with you friends and with your favourite celebrities and leaders.

How does Let’s Relate work? How will it do the mind-matching?2021-03-05T08:48:21+00:00

You provide your answers to simple Multiple-Choice Questions in the app. Then you invite your partner/friends/stars/leaders to provide their answers too. The app will then calculate how many % of answers are matching and provide the result.

What purpose does it serve? What is the use of such an app?2021-03-05T08:53:46+00:00

Know yourself: In today’s busy and noisy world, many times we even don’t know ourselves well enough. Let’s Relate helps to relate better with ourselves when we provide our answers and choices.

Relate better with your family & friends: These days we have many friends on social media, but we hardly know them well. We don’t really know what they think about many things in life. Same situation with the family too. Let’s Relate connects better with our family & friends.

Know your partner: No matter how we have met/found our life-partner, it is important to know the partner for a more fulfilling relationship. Let’s Relate provides an easy and friendly tool to assess the compatibility between two partners.

Connect with your celebrity: We follow many celebrities and stars (music/movie/sports) on social media. Let’s Relate helps to connect with them.
Know your leader: We follow many political leaders. Their thoughts and decisions affect millions of lives. Let’s Relate helps to know how their views are matching with us and connect better with them.

Is it possible to predict the success of marriage before getting married?2021-03-05T08:54:50+00:00

Not really. But you can always try your best to assess the compatibility. Let’s Relate mobile app offers such a tool. It can be a very useful method to know the probable partner, particularly in “Arranged Marriages” and in situations where one wants to screen many potential candidates.

How much time does it take to answer & do mind-matching on the app?2021-03-05T09:00:05+00:00

It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes to answer the questions in any module. Once both persons have provided their answers, the mind-matching results can be available in less than one minute.

How much does it cost?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00
  • There are free modules that anybody can access freely
  • By completing the free module & sharing it with 5 people, one can get a reward of 50 coins to access other modules.
  • By completing & sharing the basic or advanced module with 5 people, one can also get the reward of 50 coins.
  • There are In-App Purchase available in the app. Please see Module Plan.
Can I also pay for my friend or partner?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

Yes, you can also pay for your friend or partner by purchasing coins in the app and gifting them. But your friend or partner first needs to download the app and log-in.

What are the different modules in the app?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

There are 8 modules in the app:

Let's Relate
What kind of questions are there in the app?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

The questions in all modules cover important aspects of life: values & beliefs, career & finance, travel & home, hobbies & fears, habits & manners, public policy, etc.
The questions in the Leader module are related to public policy only. The questions in the Indian module are like a unique cultural joy ride.

Are there right and wrong answers?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

No. There are no right or wrong answers. Be honest in answering the questions. It must be YOUR answer. Everybody is unique, and the idea is to relate with each-other’s uniqueness.

Can everybody see my answers?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

No. Only the person whom you have invited/shared can see your answers.

Can I comeback to any answer and change it?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

Yes. You can return to any answer anytime and change it before sharing it.

Are the answers time stamped?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

Yes. It helps to refer to one’s answers on a particular date.

How does the app calculate matching percentage?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

Calculation of the matching % considers all fully matching (green) and partially matching (yellow) answers against not matching (red) answers (out of all attempted answers).

Let's Relate

Weightage of partially matching (yellow) answers also consider the number of choices or priorities matching in that question. There are 3 types of questions for mind-matching in app:

  1. Single answer questions:
    • If the selected option of both users is the same, then they get 1 (one; fully matching).
    • If the selected option of both users is not same, then they get 0 (zero; not matching).
    • Partial matching is not possible.
  2. Multiple answers questions:
    If number of common answers between both users is x, and number of total answers opted by both users is n, (while counting the common opted answers only once) then they get the score of x/n for the question. For example:

User A: Having pets is

  • A lot of fun/Happiness
  • A lot of fun/Happiness
  • Bad/Unethical
  • A huge responsibility
  • Expensive

  • I like it

  • I don’t like it
  • Not sure

User B: Having pets is

  • A lot of fun/Happiness
  • Bad/Unethical
  • A huge responsibility
  • Expensive
  • I like it
  • I don’t like it
  • Not sure

n = 5 (total opted answers by both users are 5, while counting the common opted answers only once)
x = 1 (only one opted answer is common)
x/n = 1/5 = 0.20 (So, they will get the score of 0.20 for this question’s mind-matching result)

  • III. Rank order question (allowed with a total of only 3 to 7 options):
Let's Relate
How does one interpret the mind-matching results?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

Here, in this example of Basic Module, out of total 50 questions:
• 13 are fully matching (contributing to 26%)
• 15 are partially matching (supposing it contributes 20% as per the calculation method)
• 22 are not at all matching
Overall mind-matching result will be 46% as shown in donut chart.

Let's Relate

In Advanced & Pro Modules (of 100 or more questions), the user can get category-wise results in bar chart.
In this example of the Marriage module which has 275 questions:
• Overall, 69% answers of both users are matching
• 59% answers are matching in the category of “fun & health”.
Any of the both persons can click on red, yellow and green portion of the both

Let's Relate

charts. It will open the answers of each questions of both persons for a better understanding of each-other’s views.

If any of the both users have skipped any question, that particular question will not be counted while calculating mind-matching %.
The user can also select which questions are important for him/her and choose mind-matching analysis of only important questions.

Is it mandatory to answer all questions?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

No, it is not mandatory to answer all questions. You can skip a question without answering it. However, it is advisable to attempt all questions for better mind-matching results.

I am already happily married. Is it of any use to me?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

Let’s Relate helps to relate better with your spouse. It helps to know your own choices and choices of your husband/wife. Infact, it could be a very good idea to do the mind-matching every year on birthdays or anniversaries. It is expected that answers would change over time as your thinking evolves.

Will celebrities (stars) and leaders respond to my invitation through Let’s Relate?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

Celebrities (Stars) and leaders also care about their fans and followers. It can be expected that they would also like to share their views and do mind-matching with their fans and followers. In addition, you can also share your answers of Star and Leader modules with your friends and partner for mind-matching of those questions. It helps in better understanding of each-other’s views and choices.

Is the app based on any scientific study or research?2021-03-23T13:26:15+00:00

Not really. But it helps to identify issues in advance and discuss and develop a better understanding about it.

Does the app provide any relationship counseling services?2021-03-23T13:26:14+00:00

No. Currently it does not provide any such services.

Is it a dating or matrimony app?2021-03-23T13:26:14+00:00

Not really. But it helps to explore compatibility and relate better with your partner or potential partner, no matter how you have found him/her.
Moreover, it also helps to relate better with your friends and celebrities and leaders.

Is it a personality assessment?2021-03-23T13:26:14+00:00

No. The app does not assess the personality. But it helps to know your own choices, and opinions of others on the same issues/questions. It helps to understand and relate better.

Is it some sort of a quiz or a game?2021-03-23T13:26:14+00:00

Yes, it can be considered as a relationship quiz or a game.

What is the Special customized module?2021-03-23T13:26:14+00:00

The user can create a customized Special module by developing new questions.
The users are encouraged to create their own modules. For example, following modules can be envisaged in future:
Let’s Relate: Doctor, Engineer, Soldier, Entrepreneur, Baboo, Teacher, Student, Teen, Kitty, etc, etc
Let’s Relate: American, African, Britisher, Punjabi, Gujju, Tamilian, Mallu, Mumbaiite, Delhite, etc, etc

What is the Module Plan and different rewards?2021-03-23T13:26:14+00:00
Let's Relate

User can freely access all other modules of the app after paying for Marriage or Special Module

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