Know yourself: In today’s busy and noisy world, many times we even don’t know ourselves well enough. Let’s Relate helps to relate better with ourselves when we provide our answers and choices.

Relate better with your family & friends: These days we have many friends on social media, but we hardly know them well. We don’t really know what they think about many things in life. Same situation with the family too. Let’s Relate connects better with our family & friends.

Know your partner: No matter how we have met/found our life-partner, it is important to know the partner for a more fulfilling relationship. Let’s Relate provides an easy and friendly tool to assess the compatibility between two partners.

Connect with your celebrity: We follow many celebrities and stars (music/movie/sports) on social media. Let’s Relate helps to connect with them.
Know your leader: We follow many political leaders. Their thoughts and decisions affect millions of lives. Let’s Relate helps to know how their views are matching with us and connect better with them.